They found each other when the outside world seemed vague

Inspired by the painting of my love Ifra Shahid @ifrartistic 🤗

On a rainy day
My blurred glasses befriended
That one closed window
It whispered with utmost care
‘’There is nothing called sadness’’

Their story — A tanka

Thanks a lot, Somsubhra Banerjee, for publishing it. :)

It never gets old

Image by Setraj Jahan

Sadik entered the living room rashly. The whole gathering was staring at him.

“What have you worn, Sadik?” Lisa whispered, “It’s mom’s and dad’s marriage anniversary. Where is the new Kurta I have bought you?”

“Only this Kurta matched papa’s wristwatch, didi,’’ he smiled. ‘’Papa would have picked this too.”

Only one decision away…

Image by Setraj Jahan

He let the last train leave.

‘’Destination’’ is my second attempt at the six-word fiction. Seems like I am into this form for now.:)

I am submitting this piece in response to the Uncommon Fiction Forms challenge by Literary Impulse. Here goes the amazing article by Somsubhra Banerjee, where you…

They need to leave countless times before the final goodbye

Design by the author

When I will finally leave
Consider me dead
Cause nothing
In this vast universe
Will ensure my presence then

Like the grassfire
Grabs the last drop of hope
My heartbeat will disappear
You won’t recognize me anymore

The lovely shiny meadows
Won’t send my scent to you like before


Setraj Jahan

Setraj Jahan

From childhood to this age, writing has always engaged my heart with the soul. Now it’s my profession and my lovely little pursuit of deep satisfaction. :)